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Newaygo, Fremont & White Cloud Michigan area Attorney At Law

Personal Injury Litigation

  • Vehicle Accidents












         -Jet ski

  • Product Liability

      -Tire Failures

      -Vehicle Rollover

      -Seat Belt Failures

      -Airbag Defects

      -Child Safety Seats

      -Medical Devices



  • ​​Premise Liability

        -Slip & Fall

        -Negligent Maintenance

        -Negligent Security

        -Negligent Supervision

        -Construction Site Accidents

        -Work Related Accidents

  • Medical Malpractice

        -Nursing Errors

        -Medication Errors

        -Surgical Errors

        -Birth Injury


Attorney Serving Newaygo, Grant, White Cloud, Fremont, Ravenna & surrounding cities.

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